Alpinion E-Cube 7 (HD)

Quick Overview

The E-CUBE 7 delivers compact and powerful image performance for a fast and confident clinical decision, a smart-software package for multiple applications, and design ergonomics to maximize space efficiency and mobility.

Embedded with ALPINION's core imaging technology and imaging platform, the E-CUBE 7 provides excellent 2D, color flow, CW/PW Doppler, 3D/4D ultrasounds as well as HD ultrasounds.

With the E-CUBE 7, there is no longer a need to spend all your business funds on a machine. This hard-hitting machine comes at you with a low hitting price.

  • High-positioned control panel
  • 19" Wide LED monitor
  • Superior Color/Doppler performance
  • Customizable user-defined keys to optimize workflow
  • Scratch resistant control panel
  • Transducer connector port covers to protect transducer connectors when not in use
  • Microfitâ„¢ transducer technology our innovative design transducer housing and cable design which results in small, light-weight transducers and thin, flexible cables to help reducing user fatigue.
  • 3 active transducer ports (TI Board Assy - This is required option for 3D volume image)
  • Default SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging)
  • Default PI-THI (Phase Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
  • Volume Master Compact 3d/4d package
  • Live HQ - High Definition Live 4D imaging (HD Live)
  • Equipment Images

    Alpinion Ultrasound
    Ecube 7
    HD Ultrasound

    To learn more about the Alpinion E-CUBE 7, please contact us at (877) 943-7335 or Click Here